The WildLives Philosophy

Among anthropologists there is a joke that aptly describes the plight of modern humans. They say that the complexity in which modern humans must operate is akin to running brand new software on 50,000 year-old hardware. By this they mean that human beings really haven’t changed that much, genetically speaking, over the past fifty thousand years, but our environment certainly has.

This is equally true of the manner in which human beings sustain themselves through food. A Paleolithic era hunter-gatherer sitting at a modern dining room table would find very little in common with the foods he served his family on their stone slab. His foods did not have ingredient lists. They did not have food colouring or chemical additives. They were not slathered in pesticides or modified in a lab. His food was the food human beings were evolved to eat.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped eating real food. We have a hard time recognizing basic, natural, and nutritious fare, instead plucking processed, chemical-laden groceries off of store shelves and calling it dinner. But this isn’t completely our fault. We’re constantly barraged with marketing messages from every medium screaming about the latest “superfood”, the one that’s going to finally make us healthy and happy. No wonder we’ve lost our way.

Through my own journey in learning about diet and health I realized that I wanted to use what I had learned to assist others in their quest for good health and better lives. My approach to health, nutrition, and wellness is based on the point of view that human beings are like any other member of the animal kingdom. We have specific nutritional needs that can only be met by enjoying fresh, real food.

With simple guidence, I believe you will be able to cook and eat delicious meals that give your body what it needs to be healthy and happy. Ultimately, we each must chart our own path toward health and wellness. I’m just here to help you find the path and enjoy the journey along the way.