Summer Sweet Quinoa Recipe




When switching over to a gluten-free diet a common challenge to the transition comes at breakfast time. Take away toast, pancakes, waffles and almost every popular cereal and some people figure they’ll be starving themselves till lunch.  The truth is that with a little bit of creativity you’ll be glad that Trix is for Kids and you’ve said Cheerio to your Lucky Charms.

There are many great gluten-free breakfast options and here’s just one for your to try out: Summer Sweet Quinoa. It’s like oatmeal but it takes very little time to make. Its texture is far from mushy and, my favorite part is that it’s ridiculously good for you.

It’s pronounced keen-wah, in case you were wondering. Technically not a grain but a relative of green leafy vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard, quinoa is pretty much the best-case-scenario of grain alternatives. It’s a great veggie-protein with a stellar balance of essential amino acids, and it’s much easier to digest for those who have trouble with gluten containing grains. I like it this way for breakfast, but there are many other ways to include it in your diet.

Summer Sweet Quinoa
What you will need:

½ cup prepared quinoa
2 tbsp hemp seeds
2 tbsp chia seeds
½ cup sliced strawberries
½ cup fresh cubed mango
1 tbsp coconut oil

Makes enough for 2.

What to do:

Melt coconut oil into freshly cooked quinoa. Mix in other ingredients.

How to cube a mango:

Slice the mango along one flat side, close to the pit. Turn the mango to the other side and slice along the other side of the pit. Using a pairing knife make diagonal cuts across each mango half, space about ½ inch (careful not to cut through the skin!).  Now make horizontal cuts ½ inch apart. Turn the mango-half inside out. Cut the cubes off.  Voila – pretty mango pieces!


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