Meal Plan Service For Gyms & Health Professionals

Gain a New Revenue Stream and Support Your Client’s Health  and Wellness Goals 

What if you could help your clients to achieve their health and fitness goals and at the same time add new revenue to your business? WildLives Weekly Meal Plans for Gyms

WildLives Weekly Meal Plans are designed to support individuals with their health goals, whether that’s to lose weight or simply improve their overall level of health.  These goals are complementary to the goals of those who sign up to a health club or see a nutritionist or other health professional.

How it Works

  • Health clubs or health professionals can offer the WildLives Weekly Meal Plan service at an affordable rate as part of the client’s membership fee or as an add on service for health professionals.
  • This offer can be extended to new and existing members customers of your business.
  • WildLives provides gyms & health professionals with compelling marketing materials which describe the benefits of the Weekly Meal Plan service.
  • Health club & health professionals can choose to label the Weekly Meal Plans with their own branding or keep  WildLives branding. The price is the same.
  • The revenue from the Weekly Meal Plan service is shared between your business and WildLives.
  • Participating health clubs & health professionals can also work with WildLives to plan a nutrition seminar to introduce member’s to easing their transition to the meal plan service.

Benefits at a Glance

  • A brand new, easy to implement revenue stream with no up-front investment. 
  • Increased likelihood your clients will see progress in achieving their health goals, improving your customer retention rate.
  • Improved sense of community among health club members through events.

How to Participate

Contact Brittany at WildLives  for more information or to begin registering your business.