Nutritional Therapy

When it comes to health, every body is different. It is important to develop a relationship with food that is right for you. Together we can work towards a customized plan to optimize your health, and make you feel good.

Whether your goal is to shed excess weight,  address cholesterol or blood pressure concerns, boost energy or simply stay healthy as you age I can provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

Any of these programs can be completed in person for local clients or on the phone, via email or skype for long distance clients.

Gluten-Free Weekly Meal Plan

The gluten-free weekly meal subscription plan is a weekly meal plan designed to take the hassle out of eating gluten-free.

We provide a complete shopping list, meal plan, and all the recipes needed for the entire week, making it easy to have a week’s worth of delicious, gluten-free-ready food in the kitchen.

3, 6 or 12 months of weekly gluten-free lunch and dinner meal plans including shopping lists:
3 months of weekly lunch and dinner recipes, and shopping lists regularly $15/month = $45
6 months of weekly lunch and dinner recipes and shopping lists regularly $12/month = $72
1 year of weekly lunch and dinner recipes and shopping lists regularly $10/month = $120

Intro to Grain Free Eating

Includes: a 1 hour phone/skype consultation $65

Get the information you need to transition your diet toward a healthier grain-free one.

  • Discover all the sources of grain in your diet
  • Learn ways to integrate grain-free options into your diet, easily!
  • Understand the implications of a grain-rich diet

Clean Eating 101

Includes: a 30 minute initial consultation and two 45 min follow ups $125

Get the support and guidance you need for a 30 day Paleo challenge including:

  • Evaluate your current diet
  • Create paleo-friendly meals that please the whole family
  • Receive a user-friendly grocery shopping guide
  • Eliminate the sources of anti nutrients in your diet
  • Learn how and when to use supplements
  • Discover the importance of your lifestyle in the overall quality of your health – stress affects digestion! Learn how to combat it.
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Build a stronger digestives system

Healthy Weight Achievement and Maintenance Program

Includes:  a one hour initial consultation, a one hour follow-up session, and four 30 minute maintenance sessions. $300

Develop goals for your weight and overall health

  • Create a healthy and well- balanced food plan that can be followed successfully
  • Discover detrimental foods in your diet and replace them with healthier choices
  • Understand your cravings and learn strategies to control them
  • Be supported along the way

Keep to the Edges! Keys to Healthy Grocery Shopping

Includes Grocery Shopping Tour and 1 Week Menu Plan: $65

This quick and easy intro session can whip you into nutrition-shape fast and effectively. Learn what to stock your cart with and what to ditch as you navigate the isles of your local grocery store. Get a better grasp on reading nutrition labels too!

Jump Start to Healthy Nutrition

Includes: 2 one hour consultations $125

Depending on your specific needs your sessions may focus on any of the following:

  • Family education – create a plan that works for the entire family
  • An evaluation of your current diet
  • Learn how to integrate healthy alternatives into your regular diet
  • Create balanced meal plans
  • Receive recipes
  • Grocery shopping tours
  • Improve nutrient assimilation
  • Learn when and how to use supplements
  • Build a strong immune system
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve the quality of your diet (when choosing local and or organic really counts)
  • Develop a healthy balance of all the necessary macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat and learn the best sources to receive these essential nutrients
  • Discover the importance of your lifestyle in the overall quality of your health – stress affects digestion! Learn how to combat it.

Grain-Free Holiday eBook

Includes 5 appetizer, 5 dessert and a full Christmas dinner recipe list. $9.99

For more information on the above services, or to inquire on custom products + services, or how I can help you achieve your health and wellness goals, please contact me