New Website & WildLives Meal Plans on ethicalDeal

This has been a very exciting week!  For one, we launched the brand new WildLives website.  You have likely noticed that all of the old blog posts are gone.  Be assured this is only temporary as we transfer them over to the new site.

The second exciting piece of news is that the WildLives Weekly Meal Plans program is currently an offer on ethicalDeal.  We’re offering 3, 6 and 12 month access to weekly meal plans, recipes and shopping lists for what I think is a really great price.

Here’s a link to the deal.

I had someone ask me on FB what a typical meal would like with the plan, so pasted below is a three day sample of the type of lunches and dinners that will be included.  Keep in mind that in addition to the basic weekly meal plan which will include five lunches and five dinners, you will receive a full list of ingredients needed to make all your lunches and dinners that week, and all the recipes for the week.  All of this info will be sent to on Friday, allowing you to get prepared for the week ahead.

meal plan sample



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