Mashed Potatoes, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Mashed potatoes are kind of like Elvis.

You have the original, the king himself aka homemade mashed potatoes; the 50 cent impersonator, instant mashed potatoes; and then you have the Darren Lee (apparently he’s the best Elvis impersonator in the world) and ya that’s this recipe.

Well, Elvis is dead and potatoes aren’t very nutritious, so I was grateful when my aunt Carol shared with me the recipe I’m about to share with you: Cauliflower, Carrot and Sweet Potato Mash. Don’t be cruel and love your guests tender with this nutritious veggie mash.

I promise, once they try these they’ll be all shook up.

Here’s what you need:

1 large head of cauliflower
1 medium sweet potato (peeled)
3 large carrots
1 tbsp butter (optional) and/or 2 tbsp coconut milk/greek yogurt/cream (all optional)
salt and pepper to taste


Boil sweet potato and carrots for 15 minutes before adding cauliflower for an additional 5 ish minutes. Once all the veggies are tender/soft strain and mash (I used a mixer). Mix in butter, salt and better and enjoy this hunk-a-hunk of burning love! MMmmMMmmMMM

And IF you can manage to save some leftovers, these can be enjoyed a second day in a different way. Cauliflower, Carrot and Sweet Potato Patties!


Heat 1 tbsp of coconut oil in a sauce pan. Form burger-sized patties with the left over mash potatoes and drop in the pan like a pancake. Cook for 2-3 minutes (medium heat) on each side, or until desired crispness.

***feel free to add chopped onions or cinnamon/cloves/nutmeg for a sweeter flavor.

So don’t be one of those Suspicious Minds – give this recipe a chance (and I’ll promise never to quote Elvis again).


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