3 Foods You Should Be Eating That You're Probably Not


sauerkrautday 10Broccoli Sprouts: 

A sprinkle of the sprouts is all you need, which is great news for picky kids and picky adults alike.


Immature broccoli is packed with anti-cancer compounds. In fact they contain 10 – 100 times more sulforaphan than regular broccoli. Sulforaphan is one of the many active ingredients in broccoli that gives it such a good name.  Specifically, this compound induces cellular detox that will cleanse your cells better than a pound of prunes cleanses your colon. And god knows you’ve seen the good work prunes can do!


By detoxing your body of certain harmful toxins your risk of them wreaking havoc (cellular mutation, cancer etc.) is greatly reduced. I’m convinced that a pinch of these on your next salad is well worth it.


Feeling gassy?


Instead of relieving yourself with a Dutch oven, try a dose of ginger; your spouse will thank you.


Touted for its many intestinal benefits ginger is much more than a cure for flatulence. Gingerols are powerful compounds found in ginger that are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous. It’s easy to use too. A slice in some hot water for ginger tea, sautéed with a stir-fry, or juiced:  ginger’s flavor is complementary to many uses.



Versions of sauerkraut appeared on Chinese dinner plates as far back as 2,000 years ago and the Roman writer Cato even mentioned preserving cabbages and turnips with salt. That’s probably because it’s pretty tasty and packed with nutrients.


Yes, it’s chock full of goodies like vitamins A, B, and C, as well as healthy probiotics, isothiocyanates,  and manganese.  I’d say that’s a pretty awesome nutrient profile for some fermented cabbage.




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