Meal Plans

WildLives is excited to offer a brand new Gluten-Free Weekly Meal Plan program! As a member, every Friday you will receive a weekly meal plan, recipes and a shopping list. Sign-up Today!

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Nutritional Therapy

Whether your goal is to shed weight, address health concerns, boost energy or simply stay healthy, we provide you with the information and support you need to succeed.

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The WildLives approach to health, nutrition, and wellness is based on the point of view that human beings are like any other member of the animal kingdom. Let’s enjoy the journey!

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Including inspirational posts, healthy (and super yummy) recipes, book reviews, tips + tricks for nutrition, other healthy shenanigans and more, read the WildLives Blog!

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From the Blog


  • For 2 years my family has been debating going off gluten. Our decision was mainly driven by the fact that my husband’s mother is celiac, and my husband has also a very “sensitive” stomach.  It was not until my 8 year old son started having a lot of stomach issues, headaches and other symptoms that we got serious about it.  I began to search deep and wide for best way to get off gluten, but was so disappointed by the “gluten-free” cookbooks found on a shelf.  Most of the cookbooks, were teaching people how to substitute ingredients to eat the same meals. It was not until I saw a deal on Ethicaldeal from Wildlives, I knew that getting off gluten was the right decision to do.  I reviewed a sample meal plan and it had me at “hello”.

    Getting off gluten should be rethinking the way you eat and Wildlives offered just that!   This is what I loved about the plan:

    • Weekly grocery list (how convenient is that!)
    • Recipes that were easy to make, but most of all healthy and nutritious.  All the ingredients were wholesome, natural and easy to get.
    •  The meal plan said to be for 2, but we easily feed my family of 4 with it (2 adults and 2 kids) with leftovers almost each day which are great for quick lunches the next day.
    • My kids love the meals!!!   Every day the plates are clear!
    • My husband and son are feeling 100% better. No more stomachaches, headaches etc.
    • We all have more energy and we are feeling healthier from inside out.
    • My husband lost weight yet, feels full and satisfied after each meal!
    • We love the variety of recipes.

    Thank you so much! We are very happy customers!


  • "For many years I have been trying to lose weight through various forms of exercise and watching my diet.  I started working with Brittany at the suggestion of my personal trainer. Brittany reviewed my eating patterns, offered me suggestions and recipes and most importantly some education on how my current diet was impacting my body. Her support during this time was invaluable and kept me going even when I wanted to give up. There are days where it is still a challenge and I have a ways to go, but I am confident I would not have had the success I have experienced so far if it weren’t for Brittany. Thank you!!!"
  • "I love food!  I like to think I eat healthily, and consider myself educated about the elements of a healthy diet. However, as I seemed to be “stuck” at maintaining my weight and fitness levels, I felt it was time to re-examine how I was eating for my age and activity level.  I checked-in with Brittany and I was surprised at some of the things I found out. During my sessions with Brittany, I came to know that some of the high fat foods I love but tried to avoid– i.e. nut butter, avocado and nuts are so nutrient rich that in moderation, they are excellent for increasing energy and losing weight!  The key of course learning how to combine foods and the timing of eating them as well as portion control. Brittany, in her roles as educator and “cheerleader” for meeting my goals, was invaluable."